My patient has problems with his cock, but I know a special treatment that will get going again. First I suck his cock to check if there’s a reaction at all, gladly there is but he’s not at 100 % so the second step of my treatment is shitting on his dick, this works all the time. I push out a bit of my poop and also my pee. Then I begin to cover his cock and of course also myself. Then I first fuck him in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. Now I want to test if my treatment has worked and ask him to fuck me in doggy in missionary. It worked he fucks me really good, in the end I lay on my back masturbating as he jerks his cock and gives me a nice facial.

Video Info: 3840×2160 Pixel @ 43520 kb/s
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Length: 26min.
Format: MP4
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