*Original Upload Date: 10/4/2019*

You’ve been waiting all locked up at home while I’ve been out clubbing and having a great night. I told you that I would bring you home dinner right? Well, here it is! All that eating and dancing with my friends built up a massive shit so it’s going to go straight into your stomach! I even put it on a plate for you so it’s like fancy and stuff! That’s way more than you deserve. You’re such a pathetic cuck, I go and have fun, have wild sex and let loose with my friends while you beg to eat my shit and get no pleasure or attention besides what I would give to a toilet. I mean, that’s what you are!

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Model : PastelGoddess
Categories: BDSM & Toilet Servitude| EFRO| Pee/Piss/Squirting| Pooping



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