Dorm Room Collusion Part: 1/3

Synopsis: Kim and Lia receive an unexpected visitor, from Kim’s perspective.
Kim and Lia were each sitting at their desks, their backs to each other, doing homework. Kim was working on calculus, and Lia was writing some sort of essay.
“Hey, do you want to go get some food?” Kim said.
“In a bit. I want to get a little more done,” Lia said, absently.
Lia’s cell phone rang. The ringtone was some stupid pop song, and it grated in Kim’s ears. But, she smiled to herself, and half-turned to glance at Lia out of the corner of her eye. Lia picked up her phone, looked at the display, and put it to her ear.
“Who is it?” Kim said. Lia didn’t answer her, but somehow she changed. Her posture straightened, but at the same time she became more relaxed. She put down the phone, and slowly, smoothly got up, turning towards the door.

“Lia, who was it?” Kim asked again. Again Lia didn’t answer. In a few short steps, she was at the door. She turned the bolt, opened the door, and stepped aside without a word, allowing someone to enter.
A boy walked in, looking briefly at Lia as he walked past her, and then at Kim, stopping in the center of the room, facing her.
“Hi, Kim,” he said.
“Uh, hi. Who are you?” And then, as Lia finished closing the door and turned, Kim noticed there was something very wrong.
“Lia? Are you ok?” Lia was standing tall and relaxed, but she stayed by the door and seemed to be looking far into the distance. “Lia?” Kim turned to the boy tensely. He had watched her gaze dart back and forth. “Who are you?” demanded Kim.
“She’s ok,” he said.
“What’s wrong with her?” Kim said, definitely scared now. “Who are you? Did you do that to her?”
“Yes, I did that to her. I’m just me. I promise she’ll be ok.”
Kim felt like things around her weren’t real. In an instant she pondered picking up her phone, trying to rush past the boy, or screaming for help. She leaned forward slightly.
“Seriously, just wait a second. I’ll explain.”
“Lia!” Kim hissed.
“She can’t hear you. She’s in a trance.”
“How did you do that to her?” Kim slowly reached for her phone.
The boy turned to Lia, who was still looking vacantly at a random spot on the wall. “Lia, are you ok? Tell Kim to just wait and listen to me. Tell her that everything’s ok.”
“I’m ok. Kim, wait and listen to him. Everything is ok,” Lia said flatly and slowly.
Kim felt dismayed and violated. “Lia, what’s wrong with you?” Kim’s eyes stung. Kim drew her hand back from her phone, uncertain of what to do. Kim turned to the boy. “I don’t trust you,” she said. Her voice quavered, and she felt furious through her fear. Everything felt unreal, like a bad dream. The boy was an inch or two taller than her, about average build. Kim was a little bit athletic, but not particularly strong. Part of her was too embarrassed to start screaming, and she cursed herself for it. Most of all, she was confused.
“This isn’t possible. Did you give her a drug?”
“No. It’s like hypnosis. Right now I’m touching her mind directly, but I’m going to keep her feeling dreamy and suggestible and somewhat release her in a moment.”
“How are you doing this?”
“It’s something anyone can learn. I might even show you some things.” Kim looked at him suspiciously.
“This is wrong. You’re hurting her. I still can’t believe this is even happening.” Kim was barely able to get the words out: “Are you going to do that to me? What are you going to do?”
“Please don’t be scared. I can’t promise I’m not going to do anything like this to you. But, I’m not going to do anything tonight, and I promise to be honest with you. I’ll answer your questions. Can we talk for a bit?”
Kim didn’t feel like she had any other options. She leaned back a little bit, slouched in her chair.
“I’m not hurting her, I promise. I’m going to keep her in a dream state, suggestible, without agency, but I’m going to allow her to spontaneously react to her surroundings.”
Kim shook her head in disbelief, eyeing the boy suspiciously and sneaking glances at Lia. Lia blinked slowly, and seemed uncertain but more awake, not in that terrifying blank state.
“Lia,” the boy said. “Go stand by your desk.” Lia, unsteady at first, took the few steps to her desk. She lightly touched the surface of her desk with her fingertips and seemed confused. The boy eyed her and turned to Kim. “Ask her things.”
“Lia, are you ok?”
“I’m ok.” She sounded distant, but more natural.
“Do you know this guy?” There was a pause. Finally, Lia responded uncertainly.
“Have you seem him before?”
“I’m not sure.” Lia sounded farther away.
“Focus, Lia!” Kim hissed.
“She won’t respond to any commands,” the boy said. “Only to mine.”
Kim didn’t know what to say.
“Kim, will you do exactly as I say? I know this is hard for you. If you do what I say, this will be quick, and then we’ll talk.
* * *
“Lia, go to the bathroom and pee only. Leave the door open.” Lia walked over to the suite’s bathroom, turned on the light and went in. Kim looked at the boy uncomprehendingly. A few moments later, Kim heard the hiss of Lia peeing.
“Kim, open up that magazine over there to the middle.” Kim reached over to the magazine and opened it with both hands, looking at the boy questioningly. Lia appeared at the bathroom door and hesitated.
“Go back over to your desk, Lia. And then take off your clothes.”
Kim inhaled sharply and looked at the boy accusingly. “I’m going to scream,” she said, and she inhaled.
“Wait, Kim,” the boy said quickly. “It’s not what you think. Not exactly, anyway.”
Kim exhaled, suspiciously. “What else could it be, you asshole?” Kim’s fingers closed around an imaginary cell phone. She looked at her desk.
“This is in Lia’s best interests.”
Lia had her shirt off. The air was warm, but Kim could see her nipples through her bra. Lia undid her belt, and slowly shimmied from side to side, pulling down her pants. When her pants were at her knees, she stopped and blushed, looking first at Kim, then at the boy.
“Kim, tell Lia it’s ok,” the boy said. “It’ll make it easier for her.”
After an agonizing pause, Kim said, “It’s ok, sweetie.”
Lia returned her attention to her pants, pushing them down to her ankles and stepping out of them. She balanced herself with one hand on her desk. Seeing Lia from behind as she bent over, Kim saw a dark spot on Lia’s gray underwear from when she had peed. Lia stepped out of her underwear and undid her bra, turning. She laid her bra on her chair and stood beside her shirt, pants, and underwear.
Kim had only seen Lia naked a few times, and not for a long time. They usually changed in the bathroom. Lia’s breasts were medium-sized and round, the aureolas darker and not too big against her olive skin. It looked like Lia trimmed her pubic hair a little bit.
“Lia, turn around and put one leg on the chair. Lean over a bit and spread your legs.” Kim was angry again. She felt violated and horrified for her friend, but she didn’t know what to do.
“Try to look back at us, Lia.” the boy said. Lia turned her head slightly and blinked sleepily through the curtain of her brown hair.
Lia had put her leg on the chair, stepping partly on her bra. From behind, Kim could see Lia’s slit, her puffy lips, and her brown, puckered asshole.
“Kim, hold the magazine open under her. I hope you catch everything.” Kim couldn’t believe this was happening. She felt like things were completely unreal. She stood up for the first time since the boy had arrived, and stiffly kneeled with the magazine under Lia.
“Get closer,” he said.
Kim moved closer. In the light of the desk lamp, she could see the fine, almost invisible hair on Lia’s butt cheeks and in her crack. Her brown crinkled asshole flexed slightly as Lia shifted to keep her balance. Kim flinched.
“Ok, Lia. I want you to relax. Take a deep breath. In a moment, you’ll feel like you have to poop,” the boy said. Kim blinked hard and shook her head. Her hands were sweating as she held the magazine. Lia said nothing, and then whimpered. It was the first sound she’d made for a while.
“No,” Lia said softly. “No.”
The boy ignored her. “Lia, feel yourself relax. Let your butt unclench, just let it all out. You can’t hold it back, and don’t try to push. Just let it smoothly slide out. You can’t hold it back. Feel it come. You’re feeling full and heavy and good. You’re filling up. It will be such a relief to let it all slide out. You feel the poop coming. You feel it moving and building up.”
Lia began to talk softly to herself. “Oh. Oh. I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe you’re watching me poop. Oh. I feel it coming. I can’t stop it. It’s just going to come out. Oh, Kim, don’t look.”
But Kim couldn’t look away for fear of making a mess. Kim held the magazine up, disbelieving. Lia’s asshole began to dilate. A brown tip emerged. Then, thick and brown, poop began to slowly and smoothly slide out of Lia. Kim brought up the magazine and let the log rest partially on the magazine, still half inside Lia. Kim lowered the magazine slowly sort of helping the rest slide out.
Lia’s asshole trembled and remained mostly open. More poop began to slide out smoothly. It was long, but thinner and softer. Kim carefully caught it all. The smell hit her hard in the face, and she breathed through her nose. The magazine felt very heavy to her, and she balanced its contents carefully. White cream oozed from Lia’s slit, but not enough to drip.
Lia’s asshole slowly closed. There were a few little brown smears and flecks around her asshole. Lia was talking softly to herself, too soft to hear.
“Kim, put that down for a moment,” the boy said. “Put your finger in your mouth, get it really wet and slimy, and then push it up Lia’s ass.”
Lia moaned softly. “No… No.”
“No way,” Kim said. “This is disgusting! You’re raping her!”
“Yes,” the boy said, simply. He looked at Kim with sympathy. “She’s going to be alright, and so are you. He turned back to Lia, looking intently at her arched curves and spread legs. “Now do it.”
Kim moved her finger around in her mouth and got it as slippery as she possibly could. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. There was a roaring in her ears as she tentatively touched the complicated texture of Lia’s asshole. Lia twitched and moaned again. Being careful with her fingernail, Kim eased her finger into the depression of Lia’s hole, where her fingerpad fit nicely, and she gingerly began to push.
“Lia, gently push out, just a little bit.” Kim’s finger moved more easily. “All the way, Kim. Deeper.” Kim pushed up to her knuckle, having to move her finger a little bit to inch it in all the way. She felt so awkward. She tried not to move her finger too much. The inside of Lia’s ass felt burning hot and slippery, but it also had a strange texture. She could feel Lia’s steady heartbeat from the walls pressed against her finger. Kim thought to herself that Lia’s pulse should be faster. Her heart was certainly beating fast. Everything felt strangely shaped inside, with soft but tight things pushing against her finger at weird angles.
Kim noticed that, under her finger, Lia’s other hole was red, puffy, and glistening. With her face so close, she breathed through her nose again. She barely smelled the shit anymore, and it was complicated by… Lia’s smell. Lia was sweating and her vagina was wet. Kim had never smelled another woman’s scent. She sometimes caught whiffs of her own vagina when she really needed a shower. Lia’s smell was complicated and mingled with the smell of her shit, which was still in a heavy pile right next to Kim.
“Kim, use your other hand and reach around and touch Lia’s clit. Just once,” he conceded quickly.
Kim reached around and felt for Lia’s clit. Kim masturbated when she thought Lia was asleep. She had never touched another girl like this, but Lia’s clit was not hard to find. Her lips were wide open and her clit was rock hard.
Lia moaned and twitched. “I’m so embarrassed,” she whispered, maybe to herself.
“Lia, touch yourself until you come. Come hard.”
Lia unsteadily took her hand away from the chair and began to touch herself. She unconsciously slid her finger around the opening of her hole to make her finger slippery. Apparently Lia masturbated as well. Lia began to move her finger in a circle and up and down against her clit. She moaned again.
Kim took her free hand and put it on Lia’s thigh to steady her. “It’s ok, sweetie,” she said. Lia continued to move her finger and hand. Her asshole twitched around Kim’s finger, and Kim’s other knuckles curled up against Lia’s slippery perineum and gaping slit.
Lia moved her hand faster, smoothly dipping her finger into her pussy a couple more times. Her breathing was fast and short, now, and her warm pulse increased around Kim’s finger and became even easier to feel. After a few tense minutes, Lia gave a soft, sharp cry, and her body jerked. Her asshole vibrated and clenched against Kim’s finger, and her hard butt cheeks squeezed together around Kim’s hand, slightly pushing out her finger. Kim’s other curled fingers were now very slippery, with clear and white fluid from one hole and little bit of brown from the other. Kim slowly removed her finger all the way.
“Lia, you can put your foot down now.” Lia shivered and stiffly took her foot off the chair. She shifted her weight awkwardly, her back to Kim and the boy. Kim was acutely aware of the curve of Lia’s butt and small of her back directly in her face.
“Kim, you can throw that out. I’ll take out the trash for you,” the boy said. “Go and wash your hands. Lia, go to the bathroom and wipe yourself. Then get ready for bed and go to sleep.”
Lia moved to the bathroom. Kim gingerly picked up the magazine by the corners and eased it into the trashcan. The contents of the magazine rolled off and heavily slid to the bottom of the trashcan, rustling against the trash bag, and hitting the bottom with something between a smack and a thud. Kim let the magazine carefully follow. She went to the bathroom and saw Lia’s breasts in the mirror. Judging by the toilet paper in the toilet, Lia had finished wiping herself, and she was brushing her teeth. Lia’s gaze was vacant, but she seemed calm and relaxed.
“Lia,” Kim whispered. Lia paused, but then continued to brush her teeth. Kim hesitantly squeezed Lia’s shoulder with her clean hand, and Lia briefly relaxed into Kim’s touch before continuing to brush her teeth. Kim moved to Lia’s side, and Lia moved away from the sink automatically, still vacantly focused on her teeth, so Kim could wash her hands.
Kim dried her hands and walked out of the bathroom. Behind her Lia spit, turned on the sink briefly, and then turned out the bathroom light. As Kim looked hesitantly at the boy, Lia circled around her and got into bed without a glance. The boy had turned out all the lights in the room except for the dim light by Kim’s bed. Lia got into bed naked and turned away towards the wall. Her breathing quickly became regular.
Having had a break in the bathroom, Kim could smell Lia’s shit in the air again. The boy had also opened a window slightly, and Kim noticed the garbage bag was tied off and near the door. Kim put her arms around herself and shivered in her sweater. The boy sat in Kim’s chair and motioned for her to sit on her own bed.
“Let’s talk.”

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