Beat Me Then Feed Me

Barbara Cristina is a cruel and merciless dominatrix. This time, her victim is the poor little slave, Amanda. Amanda is chained because she didnt obey orders from her dominatrix. Poor Amanda, she has no idea of the cruelty that will come because of what she did. Barbara humiliates her in many ways. Including: a sequence of Belly Punch, wetting her, forcing Amanda to drink her vomit, and even a delicious Kaviar accompanied by a nice drink of piss. The slave implores mercy, but Barbara doesnt have mercy. A great movie where mercy doesnt exist. For all the fans of domination, this movie is extraordinary!

Directed by: MFX Media Productions
Starring: Barbara Cristina, Amanda

Genres: Lesbian Domination, Scat Domination, Hd 720p, Tortures, MFX, Shit Eating, Vomit

HD 720p

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