In the fist scene Fanny in a corn field eating a chocolate bar and asks you if you are in the mood for her natural chocolate. She pee on the ground, then put the chocolate bar to her ass and start shitting enormous bricks to the ground, then pick a corn and start to masturbate with it. After she dip it in shit and use it as a dildo to her ass.

The second scene Fanny has offered you all their naked body parts, then she pisses as if they would you piss in your mouth. Finally, she poops a really thick turd, rubs her feet a so, stretches the feet as in the camera that you have the feeling to be able to lick her while she asks to inject you.

The third scene is also with Fanny who meet Titus Steel (Venus Award winner) once again his heart’s desire. She plays him against a corrupt whore who met him his dirty piss and caviar wishes. Slutty bubbles, but he can inject only if he watches as Fanny shits and he has the smell their smelly shit in his nose.

And there are other 3 more scenes…

Scene 4 : Beatrix enjoys the middle of the freezing winter on a verscheiten meadow, the warm, freshly squeezed from the ass Kakcke with her lesbian girlfriend. (Something warm person needs.) Intensive caviar kisses

Scene 5 : Slim hot brunette Fanny talk near a car in forest in cellphone, waiting for a guy. When she tired of waiting, she get near a log and pee on it. When she done, she also release a big pile of shit on it, then wipe her ass with toilet paper. Then put a stick to her shit and a leaves flag to it’s top.

Scene 6 : Fanny do her daily routine in the bathroom: wash her teeths then go to shower where she start foaming her body and when it gets shiny and wet she put shaving foam to her pussy and start to trim it with razor. When she done she pee on the mirror which she placed to the floor, then put a shit on it and sit on it, then clean it up in the shower.

STARRING : Fanny Steel, Titus Steel and Beatrix


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Pissing, Shitting, Kaviar, Extreme Sex, Fetish Sex, Toilet Fetish, Shit, Excrements, Copro

LENGHT : 1 Hour 13 Minutes 58 Seconds

SIZE : 700,2 mb



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