I’ve got an ass full of shit! I want to push it out and shove it into my mouth! I love eating my poop! I’m so happy to be breaking in my new home in the dirtiest ways!

Watch my asshole open up and a fat load of shit work its way out! This massive turd stretches my asshole open! It’s such a fat turd! My open stretches and gapes as this thick turd slides out!

Mmm! Look at all this poop! It looks so tasty! I need to taste it! I need to eat my shit! Watch me put a little turd in my mouth and swallow it down! It’s so hot to eat my own shit! I love filling my mouth with my massive, thick turds! I try my best to stuff my mouth full of my poop! This turd is just too big! It’s stretching my mouth open, just like it stretched my ass!

I love knowing you are watching me eat my warm, delicious shit!