Massive Loud Wet Shit In Public!
I need to shit so bad! I’m at a very busy store. Watch me go into the big, busy public bathroom, squat down, and shit right there on the floor! A huge, wet load of shit explodes out of my asshole! It looks like a waterfall of shit pouring out of my shithole! Look at all that poop! And listen to it bursting out of my butt! It makes such a nasty farting noise as I poop right there! Oh wow! The smell is horrible! All the other women in the store are going to smell my nasty ass and my filthy, wet poop!

Eating Shit In A Public Store!
I just pushed out a nasty, loud load of shit in a public store bathroom. I scooped up my poop and put it in a jar. Now I’m at a different store. I’m going to walk around the store with my jar of shit and eat it and sniff it, and play with it! Do you want to see me being a filthy scat girl in public!? Look at how nasty I’m getting! I’m in a busy, public store eating my own poop! Anyone could walk around the corner and see me eating my shit! What do you think they would think or say to me if they caught be being a nasty public shit eater!?