JayMariie – Dirty ass sniffing Vol 2 ($19.99 ScatShop)

Your my step daddy and I have a date today. He’s on his way to pick me up now but I went to the bathroom and couldn’t find toilet paper. I go to the bathroom and then head to find a way to clean up. I run into you and explain I have a date today but it’s so hot and I want to make sure I’m fresh. I ask you to check my behind to see if I’m okay for my date. Putting my dirty asshole right in front of your face. Telling you to sniff my asshole and tell me if it’s dirty. I can tell your enjoying this too much but I keep teasing you, getting in close and asking you to sniff my asshole. I check my asshole with my finger after realizing your just enjoying the view and smell of my asshole. I find my asshole is so dirty. I sniff my finger and show it to you, showing you that I’m covered in poop. You’re such a perverted step dad and now I’m going to be late for my date and stink.


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