In this 7 minute video watch as I wait for my wife to push her firm shit out. I lick her shit as she pushes it out. Then take her firm log in my mouth. She pisses, I lick, she shits some more. I suck some more, I smear her shit around her arsehole, dip my finger in her arsehole, lick her some more…. there is just too much to describe!
No faces are ever shown in the video clips we choose to share. I have blurred faces in this video. It also has very small periods where I have had to mute the sound due to an annoying phone ring (which lasted around 14 seconds) and me and my wife talking as we never filmed this with the intention of sharing it. The muted bits are spaced out with the longest being 28 seconds and two 2 seconds. They really don’t ruin the video at all but I want to mention them so no one is disappointed.
All the sound is there for the important bits! Moans, groans, piss sounds, shit sounds etc

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