Girls make great toilets IF they are trained properly. This video is about the training of Clarissa so there is no script. You could say this video is more documentary like with a lot of erotic action as Clarissa simply does everything on pure aroused instinct. Yes the girl is very nervous due to her lack of experience but to see what she does out of devotion towards my male slave is mind blowing!

She smells his ass, she let him sit on her small little face, let him hand cuff her so he can smother her with a pillow and still she remains devoted as a slave. She endure agony desperately struggling for air merely to please her Master. But it doesn’t stop there.

Clarissa holds her hands so Devoted Sub can take a big shit in them and then he tells her to do whatever she’s comfortable with. You won’t believe what this girl does. She start sniffing his shit. She gags but that only makes her more determined! Every time she gags and Devoted Sub tells her to take a breather she ignores it and sniff his shit again.

Eventually after some more gagging it’s like she’s trying to prove a point to herself by starting to kiss his pile of shit in her hands. She gags a little again and yet she keeps kissing it.

From there she rolls it into a big sticky ball and plays with it and as you can see from the huge mess in her hands, big smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes this girl LOVED every moment of this filthy act.

This girl never tasted shit and yet she turns Devoted Sub around, bend him over and start licking his shit smeared asshole while gagging!

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Video Info: 1920×1080 Pixel @ 2548 kb/s
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Length: 17min.
Format: MP4
Category: Anal Play, Instructions, Partners/Slaves, Scat Masturbation, Smearing, Toilet Slavery
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Language: English
Added: 2024-04-23



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