I wanna get an A so I can stay in Catholic School but my teacher said he’d only give it to me if I made him this naughty video of me “purging my sins”, and he gave me an enema bulb and told me to show him everything… he wants to see my bum, and watch it bounce, and he wants to see me poop my sins out onto the floor and flush them out… I’m really shy about letting him see me poop, but if it makes him happy and gives me an A, I’ll do it! My butt water streams all down my legs and my farts are so wet and noisy! I ploop plop ploop poop all over the floor! Do you like how my breasts have finally filled in? Do you like how you watched me get older and my butt got all curvy and plump? Have I been a good girl, teacher?

janet – Diabolic Ass Shitting

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