I have a new young, quite inexperienced toilet slave, that I will use for a very perverted training today… Today will be the second time in his life that he gets used as a human toilet.
I am wearing a sexy latex outfit and extreme overknee boots and am teasing him with my oily body and gloves, while he is tied to the bed. I spit into his mouth and tell him how I will only allow him an orgasm, after he swallowed a big load of my shit. Interestingly, his dick is instantly hard, after I said this. Before shitting into his mouth, I still have other plans with this young slave. I tell him that I have no use for his dick, but that I am feeling horny nervertheless… I will use his face instead! First I am rubbing my latex thong against his mouth, then he has to kiss my butt, while I sit on his face. Next, I am putting a double dildo gag in his mouth. The smaller dildo will gag his mouth, safely closing the toilet hole, until I wish to shit into it. The bigger part of the dildo is now right over his mouth, ready for me to use it for my own pleasure… I am now going to have anal sex with my slave’s face and pleasure myself clitorally with my fingers at the same time… I ride my slave, with my shitty asshole, until I need a pee break. You can watch me piss out a lot of golden shower, then I continue riding his dirty dildo gag with my ass. I will continue masturbating and face fucking him, until I reach orgasm. When I get off the dildo, it is visibly dirty with shit. I tell my slave to inhale deeply and get used to the smell. Then I take the mouth gag out of his mouth and make him clean the dirty side with his tongue. I reward my slave with a handhob, when he performs a good job as my shit eater, so he will become increasingly horny to serve me as my full toilet. My asshole is also stained with shit, so I tell him to stick out his tongue. I will sit on his face once more and make him lick my dirty butthole, until it is clean. Now it is time to shit into my slave’s mouth! I will give him small scat portions first and make him swallow everything. Each time he swallows, I reward him by jerking his dick. Even though this is only the second time this sub is getting used as a full toilet, I will not go easy on him. The next shit portions that I am pushing into his mouth will be bigger and bigger. He needs to experience what it is really like to be used as a shit toilet. Now my young toilet slave is struggling to take it and not so horny anymore… I was shitting out so much, that he has a big load in his mouth to swallow, while I am smearing even more of my shit onto his dick and body. Will he earn an orgasm as a reward or will he fail as my shit toilet? Find out for yourself.

mikadoshop – dirty party 22

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