My slave already ate all of my shit yesterday and today he will receive the honor once more. I thought of something special for the occasion. In Germany, it is a tradition to have bread roll for breakfast, so I ordered my slave to buy one from the bakery. I cut it in half for him and will now garnish both halves with the delicious chocolate cream from my ass. My slave holds the bread under my bum hole and I push out a really huge portion of shit onto his breakfast sandwich. I make my slave sniff it and press the chocolate bread into his face. Then it’s time for him to eat all of it. I cut it into mouth-sized pieces and start to feed it to him. Now my shit-eater is in for an endless torment. Unfortunately, he hadn’t realised that it’s all the more difficult to swallow all of my shit, when it’s mixed with other foods. Especially when mixed with a dry, voluminous bread roll, that is soon completely saturated with the flavour of my shit… My slave has lots of chewing to do and I will help him to flush the dry bread down with my intensely yellow piss. As soon as he begs for mercy and wants to give up, I put my most painful nipple clamps onto him and make him go on. I will only be satisfied, when he has eaten the whole chocolate bread and even licked the plate with his tongue!

Seduction – Pregnancy Constipation

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