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Brown beverage HD-720p (MFX-6266)

Brown beverage Johana Alves is sexy and bad and her greatest pleasure is shitting on their slave Carmen, who has to taste the shit. Stella, a bad black and morbid girl does not like Lizandra and has a great opportunity to dominate with shit her with pleasure to shit on people… STARRING : Johana Alves, Carmen, Stella and Lizandra […]

Don’t punish me (MFX-4248)

Don’t punish me Soraya come home and see her husband stay in bed instead working. She gets very angry and starts to punish him. She is out of control and put her hand into Nikki’S asshole to catch the shit and she forces him to swallow his own caviar! A extreme femdom scat film! STARRING […]

Fall on your knees Scat Lesbo (MFX-5265) – Only Girls Scat

Fall on your knees Scat Lesbo Paris participates for the first time in an orgy, Sabrina Red and Giovanna delight in the inexperienced girl and play with a lot of scat!… STUDIO : MFX GENRES : Girl on Girl Scat, Scat Domination, Lezdom, Pooping, Shitting, Copro, Takefile Scat, Extreme Fetish LENGTH : 58 Minutes 48 Seconds […]

Harsh Painting Work (MFX-6146)

Harsh Painting Work The painter Jennifer is painting very bad and Paula decides to paint the body of Jennifer with a lot of shit, vomit and piss all over the whole body of Jennifer… STARRING : Jennifer Donovan and Paula STUDIO : MFX GENRES : Scat Lesbians, Pissing, Lezdom, Girls Domination, Vomiting, Takefile Vomit, HD-720p LENGTH : […]

Lesbian Scat Schoolgirls – In The College

Lesbian Scat Schoolgirls I love to remember the time at school, who not? In this series nice school girls make big big scat sessions, with nice school storys. Real big Scat Guaranted! College girls in transparent white underwears wake up each other with pussy licking in the bed. Then they get out, one of them […]

Scat Snot Vomit Soup MFX-960 (2005)

Scat Snot Vomit Soup Welcome to MFX’s Nastiest Cookbook. Our recipe of the day will make you want to try it yourself at home! This soup will have a stimulating effect, so make sure you check it out somewhere “private”. How to prepare: Get 10 Hot Brazilian Lesbians loaded with Scat (soft and heavy loads). […]

Old Friends (MFX-855)

Old Friends Three friends got together after a long time apart. Spicy, Leslie and Mary Castro know how to spend their time together. They opened a bottle of wine and began to play with Spicy’s milk (lactations), spreading it on their bodies, they play with piss and with delicious scat  on each other’s mouth. A […]

Scat Widow – MFX Video 3201

Scat Widow They have lots of lesbian interactions, it’s like normal sex except without men and penises so there is a lot of kissing, licking and grabbing. This sex is also a little unusual because it features these lesbians doing the toilet on each other. This involves them urinating and defecating on each other and […]

Human Snot Tissue (MFX-911)

Human Snot Tissue Women should be humble! Unfortunately, Mary Castro has gotten famous and rich too quickly and now she has become a stuck-up, fan hating bitch! One day, 3 of her fans entered her dressing room. The famous bitch immediately kicked them out. They will not take (no) for an answer, instead, they will […]